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Julia Savage is a Chartered Tax Advisor who specialises in all areas of personal tax advice. 

I can assist you with looking after you and your family's tax affairs and dealing with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf. 

My approach is professional but personal and can be tailored to suit you around modern busy lives.  


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I have over 10 years’ experience of dealing annually with tax returns and use cloud based software to prepare and submit tax returns to HM Revenue & Customs

In the UK, the tax year ends on 5 April and if you historically have been in self-assessment, then HMRC will issue you with a Notice to Complete a Return towards the end of April for the previous year.

Perhaps, for the first time, this year you have taxable income to declare to HMRC and have never been subject to self-assessment before.  Maybe you have purchased a rental property, are starting out in business, or are in receipt of dividend income. Once 5 April has passed, you have until 31 October, of that year, to notify HMRC that you should be issued with a tax return. I can assist you with correctly contacting HMRC, so that you will be issued with a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) and Notice to Complete a Return.

Your tax return has to be completed and filed with HMRC by the following 31 January, which is also when any tax due is payable. Tax returns filed late are subject to an initial £100 penalty, which can increase the longer the return is outstanding for. Tax paid late is also subject to interest, and potentially surcharges if it remains outstanding.

I can prepare your tax return for you, from your original documents (such as P60s and bank interest certificates) and email this to you as a PDF document for your approval. Once we have discussed and agreed that your return is complete and correct, I will electronically submit it to HMRC. I will also advise you of your tax liability becoming due, whether or not you need to make any payments on account of tax for the following year, and assist you with how to go about paying your tax safely and securely.

Or, do you prepare your own, straightforward, tax return, using a log-in for the gov.uk website. Perhaps you would value the peace of mind from my tax return ‘checking’ service, so that you know that the return you have submitted has been expertly checked. Please contact me for more details.