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Julia Savage is a Chartered Tax Advisor who specialises in all areas of personal tax advice. 

I can assist you with looking after you and your family's tax affairs and dealing with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf. 

My approach is professional but personal and can be tailored to suit you around modern busy lives.  


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Do you and your family annually look at your overall tax position, stand back and think how can we plan our financial affairs tax efficiently? If not, then this is something I can assist with.

For example, if you are a higher rate tax payer and your spouse does not work or is a basic rate tax payer, then any bank and building society savings should be kept in the name of the lower earning spouse, so that any tax paid on this income can be minimised. If your spouse doesn’t work I can assist you in preparing a repayment claim to get the tax paid on the interest back from HMRC, and we can then apply to have the interest paid without tax deducted at source going forward. Before you know it, the cost of my fees in assisting you and your family will be met by the tax potentially saved.

Do you and your spouse each own or run together a business, via a limited company. In this scenario, most people will have a firm of accountants who will prepare the (statutory) accounts for the company, the corporation tax return and, all too frequently as an afterthought, your own personal tax return(s).

Many people think that their financial affairs are entirely intertwined with that of their company. You should stand back and remember that you are both separate legal entities! Correspondingly, it can be difficult for the accountant who prepares your company accounts, to think separately about your personal tax affairs when it comes to preparing your tax return. A separate tax accountant can look at your tax position from a different perspective and you may be surprised to find that the cost of this is comparable with the fees you were paying for your tax return to be prepared by your company accountant.